Cigarette Cases

There are numerous cigarette add-ons that entire a smoker’s kit. Leader amongst them are cigarette cases, lighters and holders.

Cigarette instances are most beneficial while cigarettes ought to be stored in small quantities at the same time as touring or on a long adventure. However, cigarette cases have nowadays accomplished the dual utilization of no longer most effective storing cigarettes in them, however additionally developing or adding to the character of the person using the cigarette case.


A cigarette case has grow to be as plenty of a external image as a leather jacket, cell telephone or another external accessory. There are a number cigarette instances to be had within the market. The instances are made to fit numerous personalities and both genders. The cigarette cases can match filtered in addition to non-filtered cigarettes. The number of cigarettes that can be stored in a case differs. Generally, they can keep as much as eighteen cigarettes.

The cases are constructed from some of materials. Some of the famous substances used are gold, silver, brass, leather-based, chrome or aluminum. A few cases can be embossed upon, for that non-public contact. Cigarette cases are also available in custom designed patterns.

Special cigarette cases are to be had for women. Some of them are designed as purses and may in shape outfits. Velvet, % and leather are a few of the leader materials used to prepare those cigarette cases.

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